Saturday, March 22, 2008

West District Allstars 'Reach Up' selected DJ feedback

Andy Ward (Defected/Soul Heaven/Soul Central) ‘Loving them all (the Mixes) and been supportin hard on radio and in clubs’

CJ Mackintosh ‘Reach Up Classic Anthem is nice. Piano Dub too - that's working. Gone To Church Mixes are working too. Will support’

MJ Cole ‘Nice one Danny. I'm really into the Enzyme Black Stripped Dub - infectiously groovy, solid, skippy and effective’

Brian Tappert (Soulfuric/Jazz N Groove) ‘Hi danny – sounds real nice man…will deffo support. Hopefully will fly off traxsource. Speak soon B’

Yass ‘West District is Dope!’

Matt Caseli (Pacha Ibiza) ‘(Classic Anthem Mix) Loving the 1st mixes of this you sent me... awesome vocal!! Not enough of that stuff around!!!

(Enzyme Black Peaktime Piano Dub) Awesome piano tribal workout!!! Love this blend of style.. good to hear that old school flavor too!! Not enough quality trax like this around...keep'em coming!!! 10/10 Rock'n'roll !!! Will drop this tonight in Luxembourg, 1st tune I think..’

Hamish Dunn (Soullogic) ‘Reach Up (Classic Mix) has been fixed on my play list since it went down a storm on NYE! Keep up the good work.’

DJ Euge (Days Like This/Soul Satellite) ‘Been on heavy rotation from me on radio show and out anout in clubs and always goes down well at Days Like This’

Darren Holland (Goldeelox) ‘Danny this track is baaaad man!!! Love it and gets better as it goes on....’

Greg Dorban (Reelgroove) ‘You know i'm totally diggin this release!’

Lady Duracell (Garage City/Passion FM) ‘MANY thanks for this fantastic tune! Bringing back the old school - absolutely love it! Great vocal 10/10’

Dave VJ (Choice FM) ‘yes dan luvin it Dvj’

Curtis Zack ‘Good stuff mate – am playing and will review’

Jamie Thomas (Feelin Music) ‘Lovely vocals from Natasha Watts but the 'Enzyme Black Stripped Dub' is my pick, loving the old skool feel on this, Bangin’

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