Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sango Ritual on Traxsource Essentials Podcast + DJ responses

Sango Ritual is currently featured in's excellent Essentials Podcast - full information here -

We've also got some initial DJ responses back so here's a selection:

Nick Moss (Groove Assasin)
Fantastic stuff yet again from Enzyme Black! my pick of the bunch being the Afro sermon dub, a massive summer latino piano stomper that builds and builds, also the classic mix which takes the groove a little deeper whilst still keepin the throb factor ! top draw ! great solid package of mixes with something for everyone , summer monster in the making ! gonna get heavy plays !

Bobby (Bobby and Steve)
Hey mate, loving all the mixes, wicked track, full support all the way

Matt Caselli (Pacha, Ibiza)
Yo bomb tune mate!!! This will rock in Pacha this summer, nice one!!! Anymore shizzle like this please fire it over!

Younglee (Ok_Ma/Sick Trumpet)
Another smasher Danny, feeling the afro sermon and future samba re rub...look forward to testing them out tonight in Liverpool many thanks

Brian Tappert (Traxsource/Soulfuric)
hi d, nice one bro - really liking the digital lust too - i think this will do well on traxsource

Kid Massive
the afro serman dub is awesome... proper party track !!!! will mos def support this one !!!! 9/10

Greg Dorban (ReelgrooveRecords)
Danny knows I dig this!!! Been smashing it for a year now... One of my biggest tracks last summer, tried and tested! Great to see it finally getting the release it deserves. Mix package is DOPE as well.

Jimmy Savard (Clubbity)
I think this future samba re-rub is a devastating party bomb, i hope everyone like me will enjoy to play this out this summer!

Steve (Soulbasics)
'This is a sure-fire dancefloor stormer from one of the best new labels to grace the house music scene.'

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