Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few initial DJ responses for B2D3

'Couldn't Wait To Get My Hands On This, Whole Package Is Really Amazing, It's Hard To Say Which Track Is Best.

Eddie Perez

'Yes, I like the material you sent thanks. You got the that 90's feel ! "Yo Handz Up" is my favorite from the tracks you sent.'

Victor Simonelli

'This Ep is excellent Danny, just my thing! great to hear the fusion of the classic 90s vibe but with today's production. All the tracks definitely have there own vibe, am liking them all
but for favourites I have to go with the bad ass! "9Teez (Yo Handz Up)" this track hit me straight away, slammin groove! Old skool heads will cain this! Also "Inside My Mind" nice deep grooves! Wicked Tunes mate! Rating: 8/10'

Andy holder

'Really like Enzyme Black - 2 Tha Party (Dub)...'

Richard Earnshaw

'Loving the EP Danny !!! Nice old skool feel to all the tracks , my pick is ' Inside my Mind ' HOT STUFF!'

Groove Assassin

'This EP is class! old skool flava's! 'Inside my mind' is my pick of the bunch, but all very good in their own right. Full Support!'

Jazz Loungerz (Seamless)

'Nice work bro :) I'm definitely missing the sounds of the 90's .. favorite track is 'yo handz up' :)'

Kevin Masterkev

'Hey bro, thanks a lot. Feelin these. Love "Yo Handz Up". Very old school. Great chords and beats!!! Nice one. :)'

Sean McCabe